Aldi anyone?

Yes, we’ve had Aldis across the US for some time now. With their new rollout in TX, again with the questions… Will we have a LIST for Aldi?

Aldi is EDLP, off brands, and limited offerings. But I don’t mean to dis-qualify Aldi. It may have its place, but not for most Grocery Gamers. Or at least not as first place in the race. Here’s why…

For value, we could talk about quality differences vs. name brand, etc. But I’m honing in on what I love best, the numbers! I just reviewed some comparison #s for the DFW area for this week’s offerings at the big three: Albertsons, Kroger, and Randalls. Yep! We’re still in the game (wasn’t worried). Aldi is not the one stop shop for savings.

I have to be a little tight lipped about further details for the moment, as there is some press in the percolator! But once that’s out, I’ll reveal! In the mean time, TX shoppers, hang on to your hats (cowboy hats if you have ‘em). And Aldi lovers, I won’t take your beloved away from you. Just want you to consider some new relationships!

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