Fresh & Fit Friday: Free 5-Minute Fat Burning Exercises

We are all busy, and I’m sure everyone has a life beyond getting fit. 

But did you know that even 5-minute bursts of exercise have long-term health benefits? 5 minutes is not a lot of time to squeeze in a quick workout. It’s very doable. Think of going for a quick walk, think of getting up from your desk and walking around the office, using the stairs, taking a 5-minute break and walking outside to get some fresh air. Think of taking a walk instead of watching TV, or going for a bike ride. Simple things add up and make a big difference. 

Free 5-Minute Fat-Burning Exercises! 

  • Dance – Put on some good tunes and release some stress while you cook, clean, or do laundry! 
  • Clean – Speed cleaning your kitchen can burn lots of calories.
  • Lunges – Lunge down the hallway to burn 45 calories in 5 minutes! 
  • Shopping – Pick up the pace! 
  • Bounce – Bouncing on a stability ball for 5 minutes can burn 58 calories! 
  • Jump Rope! 
  • Walk or jog around the block! 
  • Jog in place – Yes! You can burn calories even if you’re not actually going anywhere! 
  • Vacuum 
  • Play – You can burn calories while playing fun games, like Ping-Pong! 

For me, working out isn’t a daily goal. It isn’t on my to-do list. It isn’t a chore that I need to get done. I make it a fun part of my daily routine, so it doesn’t feel so daunting, and so that I feel better throughout the day. If you switch things up, and do things that you love, it’s much easier to stick to! Or, if you work quick routines into your day, you’ll feel much more energized! 

Getting healthy is a conscious effort. Think about how you’re going to make the small changes…and that doesn’t have to include expensive gym memberships or gym equipment! 

Happy Friday! 

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