Be The Next Young & Free Spokester!

Time For Change!

One year goes by, another year comes along. And with a new year, comes new ideas, new plans, and a new Spokester! 

People say that your last year of high school flies, that your four years of college flash before you, and just like these ultra-fast-paced times of our lives, the year in the Spokester position ends in a blink. 

As difficult as it is to hand over the reins, I am ready to pass on my role to the next Young & Free Spokester. I am excited for change, and for the fresh ideas and spirit that the new Spokester will bring.

As the current Young & Free Spokester, here’s my testimony about the job, to you:

Young & Free is a movement toward financial freedom for young adults. I didn’t figure that out right away. Actually, the Young & Free Spokester in Michigan put it into words, and it has stuck with me. The Spokester is on a year-long mission to spread financial freedom across Maine. The opportunities within this job are truly incredible. You grow so much in such a short time. The things you learn are next-level, and you have the chance to take everything you do to higher limits. I was excited when I came on board last year, and the same excitement and passion stayed with me the entire year. I wake up excited to work because I really believe in this movement. I truly believe that young adults need to be empowered with the knowledge that they are capable of making good financial decisions – and in this job, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your generation, and make a positive impact in the lives of your peers. 

You get to connect through video-making, through social media, through writing blog posts, and in person at fun events around the state. You are the link between Maine’s credit unions and the 18 – 25 crowd.

SO…even if you’re only thinking about it….

Apply! This is your time to land the job of a lifetime!

Take care! 

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