Apply to Be the Young & Free Spokester!

I admit, I didn’t come up with the idea that Young & Free is a movement – it was Young & Free Michigan’s Spokester, Ebeth, who coined it, and it has stuck with me. 

I truly do believe that Young & Free is a movement toward financial freedom for young adults. Being Young & Free is spreading financial education, and empowering ourselves to make smart financial choices. 

Being rich isn’t the key to happiness or success. I know that my mom stressed over and over to me that “money isn’t everything.” And while she was right, money is still important, and having a healthy relationship with it is empowering. 

Money is a tool to help you achieve happiness and success. It may or may not be the ultimate goal, but if you can manage your finances, you can make decisions that will enable you get where you want to go. Living paycheck to paycheck may work for a while, but it doesn’t last forever. Especially when major expenses come up – like buying or home or vehicle – where you need a downpayment. 

I care about the Young & Free Program with Maine’s credit unions because I care about empowering young adults to make smart financial choices. Maine’s credit unions are allowing that to happen. Join your local credit union, and be empowered to make the best financial decision, for you. 

My term with Young & Free is ending, and we’re looking for the next voice of our generation to carry on with the movement toward financial freedom. Are you ready to apply? 

Take care, 

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