My Top 5 Favorite Financial Apps

There is an existing app designed to make almost every aspect of life easier: calorie-counting, exercise-tracking, navigating and traveling, recipe-learning, sales and shopping, language-learning, news-reading, and the list goes on. It’s all accessible with a touch and a swipe on your mobile device. But some of the most useful apps (to me) are apps that help me to better manage my money. Days are busy and I don’t always have time to stop what I am doing and think about tracking my spending, let alone budgeting for the future. Here are my top 5 favorite financial apps that simplify the money side of life!

1. LearnVest

This app helps you to create budgets and outline your financial goals, while keeping you on track to meet those goals. This app connects to your personal accounts – checking, savings, credit cards, and investments – to track your spending. This feature is designed to give you an instant picture of how you are spending your money, and whether you are spending too much in one area.

2. HelloWallet

This app takes a behavioral science approach to business to help you plan your financial future. The founder of the app molded behavioral psychology with technology to come up with an app that offers individualized personal finance recommendations based on your age, spending patterns, and income. It also brings to your attention financial gaps in your life, for example, inadequate emergency-savings plans.

3. OnBudget

This app includes a fee-free prepaid card, so that you cannot spend more than what you have in the budget. With the MasterCard prepaid debit card, this app is designed to help you organize your spending by using different “envelopes” for each spending category. The envelopes are used to track spending patterns, give you tips on saving, and to give you constructive advice on better decision-making.

4. Better Haves

Better Haves is a budgeting app designed for couples. This app allows you to easily manage a budgeting envelope, and allows you to track expenses individually and together. 

5. Checks   

This app monitors your bills, accounts, and credit cards and reminds you of payments you need to make. If you are prone to being late or missing payments, this app may help keep you on track! 

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