Top 5 Reasons for a Budget

If you don’t have a budget, why should you set one up? If you are generally aware of how you spend your money, what is the point of creating a restricting and time-consuming budget? 

The truth is, a budget doesn’t have to be restricting OR time-consuming. In fact, it can provide a framework for you to reach your financial goals, and give you the flexibility to enjoy life! 

Here are my Top 5 reasons for setting up a NON-restricting budget


A budget makes it easy to visualize your financial goals.

The budget is a tool that enables you to do the work each month, in order to reach the bigger picture – your goal. Whether your goal is buying home, a car, going on vacation, traveling, or paying off your student loans, your monthly budget is your way to get there!


A budget can help put boundaries on different parts of your spending, while allowing you some flexibility. A budget is NOT about depriving yourself, and you don’t have to count every single penny that you spend. Basically, the budget tells you how much of your pay can go toward bills and goals, and how much you can enjoy. 


Budgeting is simple! The “Fixed, Financial Goals, and Flex” guidelines help you to remember where your money needs to go. The categories are simple and straightforward.


It’s easy to see where you need to cut back. 


You feel in control of your financial life, and your financial future! 

For more details on how to create your budget, visit and watch the video that takes you through the simple, pain-free steps of budgeting. I hope that you are encouraged to try out a simple budget to help make your life easier! 

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