10 on Tuesday: Packing Tips

I am moving in 3 weeks. I am moving in 3 weeks. Wait… I’m moving in 3 weeks? Yikes. I’d better start packing!

Packing is the worst, man. Having to cram all the I’ve accumulated over two years of living in this house into boxes and then into pick-up trucks is going to be so much work. Goodness gracious, I need a nap just thinking about it.

I scoured the Internet for the best packing tips I could find (let’s be honest, I need them, too). I hope these help you in your moving endeavors!

1. Plan ahead

Give yourself at least six weeks to pack so you’re not scrambling around at the last second, cramming fragile items into boxes. Full disclosure: I did not plan ahead. I am less than a month away from my moving date and have not packed a single thing. Whoops.

2. Do you need a moving truck? Probably not

If you’re moving major appliances like a refrigerator, washer, or dryer, you may need to rent a moving truck. However, if you’re just renting you probably don’t have these items. Rally up family and friends with trucks to help you move your furniture. I mean, why else did they buy a truck?

3. Free boxes at big stores

Many stores have free boxes left over from shipments. Call Hannaford, WalMart and other major retailers in your area and see if they have any boxes you can snag for free. They may only cost $1 a box at storage unit and rental places, but they add up quick.

4. Wrap it up

In the weeks before your move, save those Sunday newspapers to wrap plates and other breakables.

5. Light items, big boxes

Linens, pillows, towels and blankets are all relatively light. Pack them up in large boxes.

6. Heavy items, small boxes

Imagine packing your entire stash of textbooks from all four years of college into a large box, and then topping it off with your cinder block collection (I kid). Just because it fits in a big box, doesn’t mean you should pack it in a big box. You would need a forklift to carry the box into your new place! Stick to the “heavy items, small boxes” rule and you won’t need any machinery to unpack. 

7. Label, label, label

Mark each box with which room it’s destined for and a brief description of what’s inside to make for easy unpacking.

8. Pack essentials last

As you get down to the last days before your move, you should pack almost everything. Almost. Keep essentials available for the last few days. Pack a bag as if you’re going on a three or four day trip somewhere, complete with toiletries, clothing and necessary electronics/chargers. Live out of that bag until the move is complete.

9. Unpack before you unpack

Huh? What I mean to say is, unload everything from the various trucks, cars and pack mules you used to transport your stuff before you start opening boxes. Go step by step for a smooth moving process.

10. Clean before you unpack

Don’t put your nice clean things into the dirty, dusty cupboards or closets that someone else used before you. Clean them first! It’s much easier to clean before your things are put away.

Now, where did I put that packing tape…

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