“Coupons are just for junk food”

A reporter just asked me what is the greatest deterrent to saving money on groceries… Being stubborn, being old fashioned, believing a cliché… “Coupons are just for junk food”.

If you believe that one, you haven’t taken a good look in a long time, probably years. Welcome to the 21st century. The world has changed in many ways, and the smartest people are changing with it.

“Well-Off and Well-Coiffed Adults Use Coupons More, New Research Shows Affluent, Educated and Metro Consumers Have Adopted a Couponing Lifestyle” as documented here: http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/permalink/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20100525006709&newsLang=en

Sure. If you run out and buy a Sunday paper, you’ll thumb through and find lots of things you won’t want to buy. Not everything in there is for my family either. But I’m sure you’ll also find lots of coupons for things you DO buy. So why throw out the baby with the bath? Of the 150 new coupons I get every week, I only redeem about 20-30 of them. And because I actually use those coupons, I save 67% on the average. Grocery Gamers do the same nationwide every week (avg. savings $512/month for a family of four).

There’s another reason not to get the Sunday paper just yet. You won’t see everything there. Far from it. “Nowadays”, a great portion of the best coupons are found elsewhere… on the internet, electronic downloads to your club card, etc. So how do you find them, and what’s out there for you? Take a quick, free, easy look right now. Our Coupon Tracker is the most comprehensive coupon database on the web. I just entered my zip code to bring up the info on 1650 coupons available to me right now, and where to find them, whether in the Sunday paper, internet, electronic, or whatever. Enter a keyword or browse categories to find coupons for things you buy.

So you found some free money?! But wait! Don’t buy a coupon file! Years ago, Grocery Gamers quit cutting and filing coupons. Watch this video and tutorial to learn how and why.

Now that you see there is money to be found in the world of coupons, you can continue to build your own shopping list and find coupons using our free coupon tracker. Or you can pay a professional $1.25 a week to build a strategically planned money saving shopping list. That’s membership to The Grocery Game, where we do the work for you by matching coupons to advertised and Unadvertised sales, tracking sales cycles for you, telling you when, how and where to buy at the lowest of lows. There’s a no obligation 4 week FREE trial, in which time you should save enough money to buy a deep freezer. And on your trial, you can access all supermarket and drugstore lists in your area. Enter your zip code in the red box here to get started:

For more info about what Grocery Gamers get with membership:

So whether you decide to pay the professionals or just use our free Coupon Tracker, let me leave you with this parting thought…

Leave your past, and embrace your future.

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