Whipping WalMart… Once Again

Yes, I’m whipping WalMart… AGAIN! I probably blab about it too much. But I can’t help it. So without further ado…

Even though they’re losing some market share to alternative markets, WalMart still has consumers under their spell. This article articulates some of the problem, although not news  to Grocery Gamers:

Now see Grocery Gamers’ comments here:
IN addition to what the Daily Finance article has to say about Walmart pricing, let me tell you the foundational reasons why WalMart is not the cheapest place for groceries. Despite their convincing sales pitches which imply that they meet or beat all local sales of their competitors, that’s not entirely true. Here’s the facts:

#1 – WM will not match competitors’ UN-advertised sales. This is important, because sometimes, more than half the best deals at your local supermarket are UN-advertised. And those UN-advertised sales will typically dip lower than WalMart’s “every day low prices” (EDLP).

#2 – Whether advertised or not, WM will not match BOGOs. You know those great “Buy one Get one Free” sales at your supermarket? WM does not match those. Again, a BOGO will typically dip lower than WM’s EDLP.

#3 – WM don’t match % off sales. If Kraft products are all 50% off for example, Walmart doesn’t match that.

Even though I’ve preached it until I’m blue in the face, TheGroceryGame.com has been forced to offer lists for Walmart! Yes, forced! Because people want it, we have Walmart LISTs nationwide. Here’s the funny part though… People get the four week FREE trial, in which they have access to all our LISTs. So, in some areas, there may be as many as 9 other LISTs during their trial. So those who come to TheGroceryGame.com looking to save at Walmart rarely end up keeping Walmart as one of their store choices. By using their trial period to compare prices at all supermarkets in their area, they learn that I’m not crazy after all! The local supermarket beats Walmart over all, every where!

Just poked into our databases to make sure I’m not crazy, and that nothing’s changed. Here’s just one typical example, some hard #s for Ragu pasta sauce this week:

Walmart in Meijer area with coupons:  $1.20
Meijer with coupons: 52 cents

Walmart in Winn Dixie area with coupons: $1.20
Winn Dixie with coupons: 90 cents

I could go on and on with the above exercise. But suffice it to say, this is what we see nationwide on most of the grocery prices in our databases.

So, take your blinders off, and take a good hard look. Or don’t look in that direction anymore. Liberate yourself! And enjoy winning The Grocery Game at your friendly, beautiful, local supermarket, and save even more money!

There now…  Doesn’t that feel better?

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