Why The Grocery Game is first and foremost!

Today, a customer emailed us about a Kroger list, saying that we missed a bunch of sales that were in the ad. If you know The Grocery Game, you know what’s coming! (hahaha!) But first… Quality Control had to go through that list with a fine toothed comb to make sure once again that it was indeed a LIST fit for The Grocery Game. In the end, the kingdom of The Grocery Game is gloating! Read our response. And if you’re a member, you can gloat too!

(some places are blank so that the member can remain anonymous)

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Kroger LIST for _____.

At TheGroceryGame.com, we do things differently than any other grocery savings site on the web. Most free sites have volunteers or un-trained personnel who simply match every advertised sale with any available coupon. In doing so, coupons are redeemed at the wrong time, which results in lost savings on the average of $32 a week nationwide.

Our Quality Control department re-checked all of the advertised sales against our historical databases, and found that those omitted sales were not at rock bottom, and/or that there was no coupon to go with those sales to make them worthy of being included on the list. Where a sale is not at rock bottom, the expiration date of any available coupon is considered, and a decision is most often made to hold the coupon for a better opportunity. The Grocery Game is the only website that has proprietary databases which are used to strategically purchase with or without coupons at historical lows. 

Another one of the major benefits of The Grocery Game is “Deal stacking”, which has to do with combining a sale with manufacturer coupon, store coupon, and possibly also a manufacturer’s register reward where applicable. Kroger’s electronic coupons are updated as often as twice a week. You will see a note in the footer (DC) with reference to the fact that some “DC”s may be missing due to subsequent updates.

Finally, and most importantly… The most unique and powerful benefit of The Grocery Game are the UN-advertised sales. Many UN-advertised sales are just as viable in terms of savings as advertised sales. Your Kroger LIST this week had 121 UN-advertised sales. _____ toothpaste is just one of the 121 UN-advertised sales on your list, which with the coupon, ended up being free. By contrast, _____ toothpaste was advertised, and was listed as blue at a 56% savings. There were 5 more free items listed that were also among the 121 UN-advertised sales and countless more great savings. The Grocery Game is the only place on the web where you can access UN-advertised sales each week.

We’ve attached an unformatted list of those 121 UN-advertised sales items to this email.

We hope this answers your concerns. And we hope that you will continue to join hundreds of thousands of shoppers who save an average of $512 a month on groceries for a family of four.

Please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns.

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