Have you seen “Big Foot” on aisle 4?

Have you seen “Big Foot” on aisle 4? That mysterious and illusive “Categorical Sales Trend”? You can’t understand it. You can’t tie it down or even track it. And you sure can’t take a picture of it. But if you don’t know about it, you’re blowing a ton of money every week. 

If you’ve read Grocery Game press, and heard the term, “Categorical Sales Trends”, you’ve probably asked yourself…

How do I track that?

The most concise answer to your question is… You can’t!

But I can tell you what it looks like… It’s not a cycle that you can track universally, as it varies geographically. At TheGroceryGame.com, we have databases for 240 marketing divisions nationwide. And those categories are sometimes the same in some areas, but often different from one end of the country to the other.

Although there are sightings every week of this mysterious beast, like Big Foot, nobody really has a picture of it, except for what exists in the ever more mysterious “area 54” of the Grocery Game databases. Here’s what we do know… there are about 15 major categories in a supermarket, for example: Frozen Foods, Dairy products, Deli products, Pasta and Sauce, Soups, Condiments, Paper Goods, etc. And subcategories of those as well. In any given week, you’ll notice a theme of about 2-3 categories on sale, each category lasting about 1-3 weeks. So if you shop each week only for what you need for that week (meal planning), you will pay full price for about 80% of what you buy. But you shouldn’t have to pay full price for any of it…

Over the course of 12 weeks, just about everything you will buy at a supermarket goes on sale. Some more frequently seasonally, like condiments, which includes salad dressings and BBQ sauce go on sale nearly every week of the summer, and soup is on sale nearly every week of winter, for example. But in Florida, soup is not on sale as much as the northeast, for example. This is why “Big Foot” can’t be tracked.

So, all you need to know is this…  When you see something on sale that you typically use, you should think about how much you use over the course of 12 weeks and stock up! Buy it before you need it, instead of waiting until you’re out of it, and have to pay full price! Get it? Investing in “Categorical Sales Trends” is the single most foundational savings secret of playing The Grocery Game to cut your grocery costs in half or more without coupons! (about 67% savings with coupons) Members of The Grocery Game also have access to UN-advertised Big Foots!

So if you’re now more confused than ever, don’t worry about “Big Foot”. If you see him, get him! 

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