Cheapest groceries of the year… starting NOW!

It’s that time of year. Some key grocery items are at their lowest prices of the year starting now until Thanksgiving and until Christmas and Hanukkah.

Here’s the top five to stock up on when you see the sale!:

#1 – TURKEY – The cheapest of all meats for the entire year is the Thanksgiving turkey sale! Look for killer deals that usually come with a minimum purchase. Also look for “limits”. Buy the limit, and freeze one for later. According to the USDA, you can freeze a turkey for up to a year. So, buy an extra turkey if you can, and have one in the spring of next year!

#2 – Canned pumpkin – This will be at its lowest of the year until Thanksgiving. So if you like to bake pumpkin cake, bread, muffins, or if you just love pumpkin pies, now’s the time to stock up, because cans last for over a year. Note the “best by” date on the can. Take a permanent marker and mark it big on the front. Now you know how long you have before you have to start baking again!

#3 – Stuffing mix – This is also at its lowest of the year. Don’t just think Thanksgiving here. Note the shelf life date is good through next year. Think stuffed pork chops, stuffed chickens for dinner, etc. This is a handy staple to stock up on when the price is at its best, and SO easy! When I serve anything “stuffed” for dinner, my family thinks it’s “fancy”! (ssshhh… don’t tell them it’s nothing!) Again, use the permanent marker to mark the date before you put it in your pantry.

#4 – Cranberry sauce – Lowest price of the year. I love it! Some people don’t. Yes, it’s high in sugar, but makes for some fun and pretty desserts year-round. Easy, cheap, and pretty for green Jell-o parfaits with Cool Whip at Christmas for a light dessert, or any time of year. Stock up, mark the date… you know the drill.

#5 – Frozen pies – The lowest prices of the year, and combined with coupons, brand name frozen pies can be bought for $2-$3. Think about stocking up for New Year’s Parties, and other events. 

Also, lowest prices on lots of other things, poultry seasoning, Cool Whip, baking supplies, etc… When you see a sale on something you like or will use in the future, now may be the time to stock up (invest)!

For all of the above, look for coupons to stack with the sales for the best savings. Also, remember to check the store’s circular for “store coupons”. You can combine a “store coupon” with a “manufacturer coupon”. And you can use those coupons on a sale. I call that stacking deals! For example:

Let’s say brand name canned pumpkin is on sale. You have a manufacturer’s coupon you printed from the internet. And you see a “store coupon” for the same brand in the store’s circular (sales ad). Now you can stack the deal:

Sale + Manufacturer coupon + Store coupon = Great savings!

Find electronic coupons, coupons to print, newspaper coupons and more right here:

Now get out there and stock up!

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