Cherry Picking! I’m back!

After almost ten years of shopping mostly one store a week, looks like I’ve converted back to “cherry picking”!

I used to do it. But after a number of years, I quit advocating what I called “grocery hopping”, what some call “cherry picking”. Mostly because of the gas to go from place to place. And all the time to plan it, and figure out what is and isn’t really worth it. 

Based on reports from members who are really getting some good cherry picking with the new site, I started thinking maybe I should try it too! Maybe now with the new comparison shopping, cherry picking would be easier and more profitable… Oh wow! Is it ever!

This is what converted me back…

There are ten lists in my zip code, with varying shopping days. To see where I should make my attack, I first check off all of the lists. Then I hover over the highlighted days on the calendar. I find that today, I could potentially cherry pick six stores! I’m willing to cherry pick up to three stores, not six! So here’s how the site helps me narrow it down to the three stores with MY best savings deals, quickly… 

At the top right of the list, I click “change sorting”, and choose “Savings %”. Now those six stores’ deals are all sorted by savings %! Wow! There’s about six free items to start with. After the 6 free items, it goes down the line to 93% off items, 90% off, and so on. I’m checking off the deals I like most, and finding that since it’s Saturday, my best deals are drugstores. So today, I’ll be cherry picking otherwise pricey health and beauty items, cleaning products, and I’ll also grab some 80% off grocery deals, like coffee and cereal.

Now, I’ll uncheck all the other stores and leave only CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid, and fine tune my attack! As I’m checking deals, my running subtotal tells me I’m going to get $222 worth for $36.99! An 83% savings on stuff we regularly use! Sounds like good cherry picking to me! 

I Click “Gather Coupons”, and now only the items requiring coupons are listed in order by type of coupon and date, which tells me where to find each coupon. Easy! 

I hit “Print and Shop”, then choose to sort by “Category”.

When my lists printed, they came out separated by store and in order by category within each store.

Have my coupons in hand, and I’m ready to jump in the car and cherry pick!

I can’t wait to cherry pick grocery stores on Monday! Fun!

Note: Shopping days differ for each store. Hover over the dates to find out what day you should shop for each store.

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