Blender Hollandaise and decadence at home!

A few years back, we decided it was just so much nicer to stay home for Valentine’s. Saves money, less hectic, and just relaxing. Maybe it’s old age! LOL

All day yesterday, my internet was down. And I was so frustrated, because I wanted to tell everyone to do what we were doing, if you didn’t already have Valentine’s plans. But I’m telling about it today, because the great Valentine’s sales are still on. So…

If you’re a Vons or Safeway shopper, you could easily guess what we had as a main course and vegetable last night. If you missed the deals, today is the last day for Vons and other Safeway banners great Valentine’s steak and lobster deals! We had $6.99 lobster tails and $3.47/lb. NY steaks, 99 cents/lb. asparagus and hollandaise, and twice baked potatoes for our Valentine’s Day dinner last night! Still on sale today! Awesome! Decadence at a discount!

Our favorite hollandaise is SO easy too! We make it in the blender, and it’s just as good, if not better than all that double broiler ridiculousness!

Blender Hollandaise recipe

4 egg yolks in the blender –  separate cold, about 30 minutes before dinner to allow to come to room temperature

Add a dash of cayenne pepper into blender

In a clear microwave safe 2 cup measuring cup, squeeze juice of one whole lemon, and 3/4 stick of butter. 

Heat lemon and butter in microwave until almost boiling over (clear cup so you can watch it bubbling up, and catch it before it bubbles over). Then while whirling egg yolks in blender on low, quickly pour in boiling hot lemon and butter. Blend on medium speed for about 30 seconds. 

I always want a little thicker consistency. So I pour it back into the measuring cup, and back into microwave NO more than 10 seconds, and stir with a fork. It will thicken even more as it cools. So if it’s still a little too runny after the extra 10 seconds, it will be perfect once on the table or on the asparagus. 

Super easy! And always delicious!

Note: We like very “lemony” hollandaise. You can use half the juice, if you prefer.

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