Dixie’s Sweeeeet Southern BBQ!

Gotta sing it to say it, “Dixie’s Sweeeet Southern BBQ”

Miss my mom. But some of our favorite recipes, we still have. Tastes like home. Good memories.

A little BBQ in the winter, sort of warms things up, and makes it seem like summer, at least indoors!!!

I made oven BBQ pork spareribs last night. Cooked slow for five hours. They were delish!!!! Put them on a baking sheet at 350 degree for one hour, then down to 225 for 3 more hours. Then slathered on Dixie’s Sweeeeet Southern BBQ sauce, last hour and covered, then let sit covered about half hour with oven off, just because we were still watching bull riding, and weren’t ready to eat! 

Here’s how my mom did it with chicken. Bone sucking tender, delicious. You probably have everything you need to whip some up. If you don’t have liquid smoke, you can still make it without. Pull some of that chicken you bought on sale from the freezer to thaw. Have a summer BBQ in your oven! This is SO easy!

Dixie’s Sweet Southern BBQ Sauce

4T prepared mustard (mom used 1T dry mustard instead of prepared)

2T mayonnaise

2T Worcestershire Sauce

1t  Liquid Smoke

4 dashes Tabasco sauce

2t  vinegar

2T brown sugar

pour over baked chicken last 20 mins

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