Power breakfast: Strawberry Smoothies!

The very basis for saving money on groceries is to stock up when on sale.

Now, strawberries are ripe, ready and cheap!

Stock up on the great sales of fresh strawberries. Wash, remove stems and freeze whole for refreshing after school smoothies in the blender with juice or yogurt. With yogurt or protein powder added makes a great breakfast on the run! You can even sneak in some dry uncooked oatmeal.

My boys always enjoyed frozen bananas in their smoothies too. So if you buy bananas, and they begin to ripen before you can eat them, peel them and freeze in a plastic bag to add to smoothies. When Davi was living with us, my cute basketball player exchange student from Cayman Islands, he loved what he called “Chunky Monkey”. In the blender, he put: milk, frozen bananas, peanut butter, and dry instant oatmeal, and a scoop of protein powder. He would run out the door to basketball practice with his high protein, power breakfast in hand.

You can freeze and later enjoy any in season fruit that’s on sale!


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