Save Money On Photo Stamps

If you’ve ever received a wedding invitation in the mail, you’ve likely seen photo stamps. Photo stamps are stamps with a picture of the happy couple and they’re all the rage these days. Now, you might think to yourself how photo stamps are probably really expensive and how you’re not really looking for that but before you dismiss it, has a really good offer on the table that will save you on postage.

When you sign up, will give you $25 in postage, a free scale, and $5 worth of supplies. The free $25 in stamps will send 64 letters (or 32 invitations and reply envelopes).

Now, onto the PhotoStamps. All you need to do in order to print up PhotoStamps is to upload images to the website and place your order. Unfortunately, the stamps are far more expensive than their actual worth. A single sheet costs $17.99 and has only $7.80, a markup of $10.19!

So, if you’re really thinking about getting PhotoStamps, you might as well get $25 off. There are other options, however, that may be worth investigating.

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