Ten Tips for Wedding Planning

When you start planning for your big day, remember these ten important tips:

1. Begin preparations as soon as possible – All the service providers you’ll deal with are seeing earlier and earlier reservations. Not only that, but getting reservations early means you’ll have more time to communicate what you want to fix any problems.

2. Know your providers – If you can’t use someone you’re familiar with (or that was referred to you by a friend), then do your homework and check out their reputation. The last thing you want is some shoddy operation providing your wedding cake!

3. Get it in writing – It’s a contract and so you should get it all in writing. Getting it in writing also makes sure that there’s no miscommunication and that you’ve captured every last detail.

4. Stay organized – Planning a wedding takes a lot of hard work and can at times become very stressful. If you stay organized and stay on top of everything, you won’t be as easily overwhelmed.

5. Follow proper etiquette – With many different age groups and perhaps different cultures at your big day, learning proper etiquette can avoid embarrassing situations.

6. Invite the right people – We all feel like we should invite everyone we know to our wedding out of obligation, but you should really stick to people who you know care about you.

7. Watch the budget – This is a very important tip because if you go over, it will hurt you for a very long time. It’s also hard to remember because you hope to only be married once, you want it to perfect, and there are a lot of nice things you can do for yourselves.

8. Compromise – It’s a partnership and this is the first big decision you’ll probably have to make. Compromise ensures everyone stays happy and their spirits are up for the big day.

9. Confirm and follow up – About two months before the date, follow up with everyone. This lets you make final changes (in case your schedule changes or you reached a compromise on something) and gives you another opportunity to make sure they have the details right.

10. Remember to have fun – I know it sounds silly to mention it but remember weddings are a happy time, don’t let the stressful planning process stop you from enjoy the big day!

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