Wedding Cost Cutting Tip: Be Flexible with Your Wedding Dates

One of the easiest way to cut costs with a wedding is to be flexible with your wedding date. Each region of the country has “off-season” times of the year where you can get great deals on just about everything for your wedding. Getting married in the off-season can provide the following benefits:

– Cheaper receptions fees. The food, wait staff, and bar fees may be the same but many places will offer discounts to those brides willing to get married during the slower months. It never hurts to ask if your reception sites has any offers for those less desired months.

– Vendors will be willing to work with your budget since they have less options for work. Be nice though, don’t assume that just because it is Janurary (the least popular month of them all), your vendor will be obligated to offer you a discount. Its best to approach them with your budget and see if they can work with it. The only caveat to this rule is that flowers, especially roses, will be very expensive around Valentine’s Day.

– You have more options since fewer vendors and locations will be booked when you are looking. This leads to great last minute deals if you are willing to wait until a few months before your wedding to book your reception local and vendors.

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