Finding Buyers for Wholesale Deals

This is probably the most common question I get from beginner wholesalers. Not to worry, if you have a great wholesale deal you can get it sold quickly by following my advise. You can also always post a question on my blog to get an immediate answer from me if you have any wholesaling houses questions what so ever.

The quickest ways to get your deals sold when your first starting out are to let other experienced wholesalers shop your deal to their buyers list. Instead of cutting them into your profit just tell them what they need for the deal and let them add on whatever they want on top of that. Even though I have a thousand buyers in my local market I will still let other wholesalers sell my deals. As long as they are upfront with me and don’t tie up my deal just to shop it around. Instead, once they have a buyer that has non-refundable earnest money and proof of funds that is ready to do the deal, then we sign up that buyer. You can find other wholesalers on Craigslist or at your local REIA group (Real Estate Investors Association). You’ll also just get to know them over time as your out doing deals and interacting with other investors. Just ask around, you’ll find them.

Another great way for finding buyers for your wholesale deals is to buy an email list of realtors in your area. You can buy these online for $100 or so. Obviously you need to be careful about email spamming laws. Usually these lists are available on a state by state basis. You can easily sort them in excel to only use the ones in your city. Many realtors have buyers, but many of them are buyers themselves.

And last but not least, a third great way for finding buyers for your wholesale deals is craigslist. Be sure to run an ad every single day for your house. With these three great ways you can go from having zero people on your buyers list to having thousands overnight. Your deal will sell assuming you accurately estimated repair costs and after repair value, but that’s a subject for a different day. Make sure to visit my blog to ask me any questions and get a ton of valuable information on how to wholesale houses for fast cash without using any of your own money or credit:

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