American Eagle Outfitters – The Right Outfit for You

Clothes are one of the primary needs of human’s life. Human, both men and women cannot be separated from the needs of clothing and outfit. This fact make many company of clothing grow bigger and popular around the world, even though they have a high competition between each other.

One of many companies that become the example of the big company in clothing is American Eagle Outfitters. This clothing company is very popular clothing company in this era, and of course it has the long history from the beginning of this company. Do you want to know about it?

American Eagle Outfitters History

In the beginning of the history of this company, this company was founded in 1977. At that time, Jerry and Mark Silverman were the founder of the company. The base of this company is located in the Southside Works neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Of course, this company is growing bigger and the mobilization of this company is no longer only in Pennsylvania.

You can find many products from this American Eagle Outfitters around the world.

International Expansion of American Eagle Outfitters

From what already explained before, this company is already growing bigger and no longer only mobile in Pennsylvania. This company already starts their international expansion. In the year of 2001, you can find the American Eagle store in Canada for the first time. Besides that, you also can find it in San Juan, Puerto Rico and other countries.

In 2010, American Eagle Outfitters open the stores in Kuwait, Riyadh, and it continues to other countries, such as Philippines, Poland, China, Israel, Russia, Lebanon, Egypt and Japan. You can find the stores of this company in those countries.

As other big companies in the world, this company also has a website that is functioned to fulfill the needs of its consumers around the world. The website of this company can inform you about many new products and also the price of the products. So, you can browse in the website of American Eagle Outfitters if you want to know the newest product of this company.

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