5 Unlikely Business Successes

There are many successes strange ideas that have been quite successful financially. Here are five examples of outlandish business ventures that no sane person would ever think of trying. I mean even with the best ideas that you would agree have a fighting chance, BusinessInsurance.org would still be your first step on the plan. I guess we all have something to learn when if comes to the ways of the world.

The Pet Rock came about in the 1970s, developed by advertising executive Gary Dahl from California. It was presented as not needing to be fed, watered, or walked, and of course, being a rock it would not need anything, ever. Mr. Dahl bought a load of various stones and rocks, packaged them up for resale at around four dollars, and then, he marketed them, as if they were actual pets. This idea turned Gary Dahl into a millionaire.

Another strange idea is called Holy Ink. Father Bernard McCoy and other brothers for the monastery of Cistercian Abbey in Monroe City, Missouri, decided to open a business that refilled empty ink canister for printers. One day after exhausting his supply of printer ink, he searched the internet and discovered that there were no businesses devoted to refilling ink in printer cartridges. His idea has made Cistercian Abbey millions of dollars.

Capitalizing on the Christmas spirit, a group with a postal address registered at The North Pole, Alaska, decided to charge parents ten dollars to send those parents’ children a letter, masqueraded as Saint Nick, himself. This business idea made around two million dollars, after over two hundred thousand parent requested that the fake Santa Clause team in Alaska send their children letters.

Many other people have gotten their entrepreneurial start on the internet, such as Nick Lindauer, a bona fide hot sauce lover. His online store Sweat N’ Spice was launched in 2001, where he marketed and sold a number of different types of hot sauces. Initially, he did everything by hand, from the packaging to the mailing. His business was quite slow at first; today, however, he sells thousands of products and earns himself hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Lastly, there is Sean Belnick, who came up with the idea to buy cheap office chairs made in China and sell them for higher prices in the United States. At an age of only fourteen when starting his business, Belnick’s company, BizChair.com, now earns somewhere in the range of fifty million dollars every year, and it has exclusive retail right to the products of a number of companies.

These are just a few examples of unusual ideas that made some people quite rich, but there are many others out there.

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